Live with Lorna

Live with Lorna

Live with Lorna brings timely, subsequent news and information affecting the lives of people around the world. Including health, the economy and issues impacting women.  Lorna M. Johnson Global Enterprises is committed to never losing sight of the many lives that have been lost due to the rapid spread of the ever evolving Covid-19.  Each segment of Live with Lorna begins by recognizing the number of lives lost due to Covid-19.  The show highlights the state of financial affairs in our country.  Lorna’s fireside chat conversation with the featured speaker provides an insight to matters that affect everyday lives.  To round out each episode, Lorna speaks with influential women who will share with you their experiences in leadership during the Girls’ Tribe segment.


Contact Information

1201 Florence Ave Los Angeles CA 90001
(Sat - Thursday)
(11AM to 2pm)

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